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Below are Heather's Pet Care services, however if you require a service that's not listed, we will do our best to help you out, just contact us. Heather's Pet Care have experienced and well trained dog walkers and pet sitters that can help provide a flexible service to suit you and your pet's needs. Heathers Pet Care operates in the Southwest of England and is based in Bristol and Bath.

Dog Day Care

We offer a day care service from 2 locations - one in Fishponds, Bristol and one in Bathampton, Bath. Day care is a great way for your dog to get socialisation and lots of stimulation during the day whilst you are at work. When your dog is in our care for the day they got lots of walks and play time with other dogs. Your dog will be treated as if it is one of ours whilst they are with us. Dogs in day care get at least a one hour's walk but generally have 2 longer walks during the day. We make sure your dog has the highest level of care with us at a very competitive price. All dogs that come for day care have to come for an induction to check they will fit in and to let you come and meet us and our pack beforehand. All dogs must be fully vaccinated before they can use this service. We also do lots of doggy day out day trips with dogs that are in day care, some of the places we visit are Westonbirt and Brean Beach, your dog will be out for the whole day with us enjoying their time.

Home Boarding

Our boarding service is a great way for you to go away on holiday and relax knowing that your dog is enjoying their home from home environment boarding with us in our homes! We do not have kennels so dogs are boarded in our house with us and live with us like part of the family. This is much less stressful than putting your dog into a kennels, the dogs have comfy beds, sofas and chairs to sit on as well as lots of toys and a fully enclosed rear garden to relieve themselves. Dogs that are boarding with us will receive regular exercise to at least an hour each day but mostly 2 one hour walks and lots of play time. They also join us on our doggie days out. We are fully licensed by the local council and therefore fully insured to provide a boarding service. All dogs that come for boarding have to be fully up to date with vaccinations and have to pass a temperament test before we agree to take them on board. Whilst your dogs are boarding we can follow on with your daily routine and feeding regime and administer any medicines that are required. We have a 24 hour on call vet Highcroft Veterinary Group in Bristol in case of any emergencies.

Natural Instinct Stockists

We stock natural Instinct Raw diet from both of our HPC HQ locations in Bristol and Bath. Please get in touch if you would like to place an order or if you would like to know more information about RAW feeding.

Wedding Woofers

Are you getting married and would like to have your woofer with you on the day? Wedding woofers is just the answer, We provide a great package so that your dog can be included in your big day, we drop them to see you for an hour and let you have some quality time and photos taken as well as looking after them for the day so you can enjoy it without the worry of your dog being home alone! We source a lovely range of flower collars and leads for your dog to look their best on your big day as well as providing grooming for them. You will also receive a little wedding gift from your woofer too.


We now have a qualified groomer based in Bath on Thursdays and Fridays each week heres a price guide but the prices for each groom will vary for each dog- please call for a quote. we offer a basic groom, wash and nails clipped whilst they are staying with us or after their walk/visit or you could combine your grooming with day care. Whether you live in Bristol or Bath we could get your dog transported to and from HPC HQ bath for their groom.please let us know if you want to take advantage of this service and we will make sure they look and smell fabulous for when you return from your trip/work or day out! For more info about our grooming service please visit ourGrooming Service Page

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Pet Care Services in Bristol and Bath

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